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Lecture 11

Sociology 2267A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Youth Criminal Justice Act, Young Offenders Act, Publication Ban

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SOC 2267A/B
Tara L Fidler- Bruno

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Responding to Delinquent Youth: Laws and Programs
Dealing with Young Offenders
- Welfare Model
- special juvenile system that is set up to rehabilitate people
- focus on offender and not crime her or she has committed
- Justice Model
- young people or individuals engage in crime under their free will
- you have to make consequences severe enough to make the crime less
- Crime Control Model
- focused on the idea that safety and wellbeing of citizens should be the primary
focuses and they are not focuses on how the offender is treated
- Modified Justice Model
- individual being held responsible for their ground however there is
compassionate ground because they are still young
- justice and welfare model being brought together
- Certainty (consistent), severity, and celerity ( sometimes referred to as the swiftness )
- General Deterrence
- Specific Deterrence
History of Legislation in Canada - Juvenile Delinquents Act 1908
- Prior to the JDA juveniles who broke the law were dealt with in the same manner as
- Based on a welfare model of reform
- focused on second chances and rehabilitation
- Environmental factors believed to be the cause of delinquencyrehabilitation was the
responsibility of the state
- Focus was on the individual not the crime
- Criticisms of the JDA
- Crime was not declining instead it was rising
- Many offenders were recidivistsso the criminal justice system was not
deterring effectively enough
- Too soft on crime
- Not enough legal protection for Young Offenders
History Legislation in Canada Young Offenders Act 1984
- Responded to the criticisms of the JDA
- Some viewed the YOA as based on welfare, justice and crime-control models of
juvenile justice
- Others viewed the YOA as based on a modified justice model
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