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Lecture 12

Sociology 2267A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Crown Attorney, Jessica Cox, Financial Literacy

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SOC 2267A/B
Dale Ballucci

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The Salvation Army London and Area
Jessica cox : correctional and justice service/community alternatives for youth
Extrajudicial measures: police referred
Extrajudicial sanction: crown referred, post, have to go to court
Does’t effet ho they ork with youths
London, St Thomas (OPP), Goderich, Chatham, Stratford (OPP, and Stratford Police Services)
YCJA went from custody to non-custody approach
Youth crime rate has dropped over the last two deaces
/:  …loest sie /
Extrajudicial measures
- Youth commits offence, interviewed by police
- Youth referred by police
- 3 months to work with them (measures completed)
- If youths do not complete all the set out agreement, officer can complete the charge
- Sign the same agreement
- 3 months, perth county : things are processed much more faster, and sometimes had 6 weeks
- Sending it back to crown attorney
Some things done with the youth
- Thorough intake (damage caused, co-aused, hat tie…
- Family life, school, extra curricular, mental health diagosis… address uderlyig ad issues
- Apology: can be mediated in verbal form
- Mediation
- Referral to youth justice committee program
- Restitution (repair themselves)
- Personal service
- Reflection essay
- Referral to cognitive skill-based program
- Referral to another agency (ex: substance abuse)
- Charitable donation
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- Community service
Not set in stone
Youth must complete all measures assigned to them
At the oe oth ark… ad soethig oes up, ad soethig is’t orkig, ad their aility ot
work out, can go back and revaluate what we talked about
If not, go back to referring officer, or crown attorney
Police can refer it to crown and crown can refer right back
Cognitive skills-based programs
- Salvation army community
- Alternatives for youth provides individual or group support to youth (12-17) who are at risk of
involvement in the justice system
- Help them obtain life skills
- Can work one on one or groups (esp st tho)
Choice- tell youth how to make good choices, younger ones (12-14), intellectual ability is considered,
focus is on shoplifting, anger, problem solving, and relapse prevention
Dawn- drug and alcohol awareness program: who begin to experiment
Anger Awareness (big one): how to handle anger geared twards younger kids
Why Try: school aspect, focus on improving aspects of truancy
Compulsive shoplifting : costs and affects of shoplifting, and prosecution
New ways to present info
Media awareness: discuss social media, uses and affects on behaviours
Bullying/cyberbullying (new)/sexting: discuss definition, stats, and legal consequences using real life
examples. Not exciting for use because dry, but imp
Educating young men the affects that it is illegal to be doing this
Smart board programs : operation springboard
- Anger management : extensive, 12 sessions, focus on participants understanding of human
anger and improving overall skills to control and make use of complex emotions
- Girl group : relationships and violence
- Employment programs : development of good employment skills, interview skills
- Fiaial literay: fous o udgetig, saig, earig, akig…
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find more resources at
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