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Western University
Sociology 2267A/B
Daphne Heywood

January 8th 2014Omnibus crime bill Publication bansProtect from labels and hide records from public view so child has a chanceStiffer longer sentencesMake them hardened criminalsPunish themUnited Nations saysStep backward for Canadas child rightsYCJS complied with standards until the changes to bill c10 and omnibus billAboriginal youth more likely to be jailed then graduate high schoolRaising age of criminal responsibility 3 reasons for failure from development psychology1Wide range of developmental justifications2Developmental changes gradual and vary with the individual3Determining levels of culpability is a moral judgement not based on empirical evidenceCanadas youth laws1Juvenile delinquents actYoung offenders treated like adultsKept in adult jails while waiting trialsGiven same sentences as adultsThey were not really criminals but delinquents that were misguidedStill treated as adults as a deterrent Not specific offences but general delinquency Discretion of judge so sometimes sentence didnt fit the crime1Young offenders act CanadaFocused on responsibility of behaviorCourt procedure much like adultsSentences must fit crime just like adultsYoung people should be dealt with in youth court Charges for minor offences are eligible for alternative programs Must be given access to a lawyer Look at mitigating factorsAbsolute discharge conditional discharge community service orders open custody removal from home and placed in group home setting1Youth criminal justice act YCIAMake youth better instead of punishingInteresting facts about young offenders in canadaYouth crime tends to be property crimeMost violent youth crime involve minor assaultsMost murders are committed by adults not youthYouth people are most likely to kill their peers not the elderly Youth crime in not on the rise
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