Youth in Conflict

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Published on 19 Jan 2012
film - british corrections
1st quiz next week
ontologcal insecurity we dont know where we are going or what is our purpose
moral panic created through mass media’s exaggeration of crimes
violent crimes are three times over represented, violence sells ** on quiz
must have public perception of insecurity so public is willing to spend more
ways to measure crime - self reported surveys (NLSCY) longitudinal survey children n youth
self reported crime may be innaccurate
Victimization Surveys and issues of under reporting
General Social Survey
Police Reports
some crimes too trivial
victims scared of robbers
ppl doubt police
video Bill C10 safe streets and communities act
bill c10 made up of 9 rejected bills
harsher sentence for pot than child rape
no house arrest
no double time for remand (being held before trial)
History of criminal justice and youth
1908 Youth Deliquency
by having children in labor market reduce wages for adults
prior to mandatory educaton many youth flooded the streets
focused on reform used reformatories, indefinite sentencing
1982 Young Offenders Act
definite sentencing
focus on punishment and detterence
2003 Youth Criminal Justice Act
no detterrence
didnt need fear approach ,rather community programs
detterance - general and specific - use sentencing as an example for others
see slides*
Is YCJA successful?
extrajudicial sentencing - dealing with youth crime in ways that dont involve judical procedure
repeat offenders - find other means than court
section 39 see slides
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