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Social Theory

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Sociology 2270A/B

Social Theory9132012 120600 PM mIntroductionOffice DL240 Sgray54uwoca the material with most emphasis placed on it during the lecture is most important the prcis assignment will be condensing Hiegls passage into a shorter passage final exam is NOT cumulative to get full attendance and participation marks you must show up midterm is on Halloween Machiavelli was the first to write ideas that go against those of the church first realist encourages reader to go against beliefs why be a good Christian if you actively get nothing from it Machiavelli believe that to succeed you must appeal to the dark side French Revolution When working class has enough of king marches to Versailles and puts them on trial in the text burke is reacting to the revolution Hegel wanted to create a social theory that explained everything Hegel is infamous for being a bad writer Hegel tries to be objective police believe hes being revolutionary he writes in double entendreIntroduction LectureSlide1 theory refers to the active role of researchers values in shaping the object of study theory is present everywhere knowledge is an object of science purpose of gathering knowledge is to gain knowledge about the natural world to know more about it theory comes from knowledge not as valuable as hard knowledge we want to know whats worse then not knowing something theory becomes necessary when we suspect influence of the researcherSlide 2 theory is reasoning concerning the uncertainty of knowledge we use theory when we dont know theory develops the absence of scientific concepts Slide 3as a method theory draws upon the power of abstract thought called abstractionhistorically the work of abstraction has been a male occupation especially in production of scientific knowledge Slide 5the power of abstractionpower to sit down and think about something draws upon the human minds imagination imagination projects connections joining seemingly unrelated facts into a coherent wholethis need for imagination requires individual persons to actively contribute their creative capacity to process of reasoning this is essential in todays society Slide 6we can say theory is related to inductive reasoning we observe data look for a pattern and generate a conclusion statistics cant generate a general conclusion Slide 7 intuition is the ability to know the truth without taking a long time ro look at it without consciously reasoning the power of theory is the ability to see a pattern seeingpattern draws upon preexisting ideas or assumptions inflicting on our judgment Slide 8
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