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Lina Sunseri

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January SOCIAL THEORY: LECTURE 3 14, 2013 TALCOTT PARSONS PARSON‟S WORK - The structure of social action (1937) - The social system and toward a general theory of action (1951) - Essay in sociological thoeyr (1949, 1954) - Working papers in the theory of action (1953) - Structure and process in modernsociety (1960) SOCIAL ACTION THEORY - Social action theory o Begins with a biological sociological conceptualization of the basic unit of study as the “unit act” o How are you going to pursue something o Actions we take are shaped by values and norms of our society (cultural system) o Society is like a body and it is made of different systems - An „act‟ involves the following: o An agent or actor o Must have an end or goal o Must be in a situation which differs from state of affairs the action is oriented o There exists alternative meanings to the end  EX) end  undergraduate degree meaning  just a step towards med school credential for a good job - An act is always a process in time o Always in motion - „end‟ implies a future reference or state that does not exist yet - Actions consist of structures and processes by which humans form meaningful intentions and implement them - Parson‟s theory had 4 steps o Actors are motivated to action (EDUCATION) o Actor must find the means to attain goal (MONEY) o Actor must deal with hin
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