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Lecture 13

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Western University
Sociology 2271A/B
Lina Sunseri

February THEORIES : LECTURE 13 27, 2013 FRANKFURT SCHOOL CONT’D COMMUNICATIVE ACTION - Ideal speech = no barriers o Ex) coercion - Consensus about truth developed through communication process - Ideal speech has 4 criteria o Understandability of utterances o Truth of utterances  Have evidence and facts  Not based on emotions o Reliability and sincerity of speaker  Speaker must be truthful and sincere and serious  Someone that can be trusted o Authority (right to offer ideas)  Can speak for the group  But be a leader  Someone people can believe - The notion of the Public Sphere replaces appeals to authority, tradition, force etc. with an appeal to reason - resolve through argument and discussion o Colonisation of everyday citizens CRITICISM OF HABERMAS’ COMMUNICATION THEORY - Too idealistic: is total consensus possible? - Do all speakers have equal ability? - How will conflict be handled? THEORY OF DEMOCRACY - Democracy should be seen as a particular way by which citizens make collective and rational decisions - Envisioned a deliberate democracy where a government’s laws and institutions would be a reflection of free and open public discussion TWO STANDARD MODELS (p 442 KST) CLASS ANSWERS 1. Liberalism a. Individual rights and freedom b. State increases 2. Republicanism a. collective b. Focus on ethics/ethical life c. “Community”  society d. Interdependence 1 February THEORIES : LECTURE 13 27, 2013 HER ANSWERS LIBERALISM REPUBLICANISM Primary importance on civic rights Primary importance on the commun
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