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Sociology 3308F/G
Kim Shuey

Social policy and workplace policy Dignity: the ability to establish a sense of self-worth and self-respect and to appreciate the respect of others What does dignity at work mean? Meaningful work essential for human dignity - Workplaces have the ability to deny dignity and infringe on well-being. Marx: - Denial of dignity in modern society from control of labor by capitalists and exploitation of workers - Leads to alienation from meaningful work - Crux of marx’s argument: o Laws of capitalism require exploitation of workers o Work alienating rather than expansion of human ability o Creates a feelings of misery and exhaustion Durkheim: - Capitalism creates anomie - We need a shared moral code based on a collective conscious - Occupational associations: o Give direction and meaning to work o Safeguard against abuse, exploitation, overwork Weber: - Evils of bureaucracy o Hierarchies o Fixed division of labor o Sets of general rules - Cog in the machine bad for creativity and dignity o Workers act as the cog, it’s bad for worker creativity and dignity Hodson: Dignity at work Challenges to working with dignity = - Mismanagement and abuse - Overwork o Marx, overthrow capitalism o Durkheim, new normative order arising from collective bargaining  Use unions to help overcome overwork  Unions give workers a voice, standardized work situations (wages etc) Protection of dignity comes from workers’ demands articulated at the societal level through politics and organizational level through union activities - Dignity at work essential - Role of social and workplace policy Occupational Health and Safety Policies - Context of policy development - History of development o Back in the 1800s. o Fast work with machinery o History of children working with parents in the farm o Work was fast and dangerous o We had lots of immigrant workers coming who had little voice in their work place - Development out of conflict o As a result we saw a lot of injuries and deaths o Much shorter life span with disease and dangerous work o Most of the health and safety measures we see today are a result of workers coming out and voicing their opinions Two types of regulation - Self-regulation o Steel industry was the first to take this on o “voluntary safety movement” o Worker’s compensation  No fault compensation system o Other industries starting using these measures - Administrative model of regulation o Govt. sets standards for hea
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