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Western University
Sociology 3321F/G

Medical labelling and time: -medicine, power and culture -earlier era, much of deviant behaviour was labelled evil -therefore, it was punished and chastised by the law, clergy, family and community -today, they are treated in a detox center -requires you to withdraw from the deviant behaviour -someone who is prone to violent rages is medicated w/ drugs -someone who overeats today gets therapy and sometimes surgery -this person would be called a glutton in the past -today, heroin addicts are put on methadone -substitute for heroin -in the past, they were blamed for the condition -today when people do deviant acts, they are described as unable to help themselves -in the past people were responsible for their deviance -today, they are not responsible (involuntary deviance) -thus what used to be bad is now labelled as sick -when medicalize deviance, they say that the person is the innocent victim of social forces -deviant behaviour is increasingly controlled under medicine and psychiatry How? ex. Mental illness A mental illness labelling and delabelling: -psychiatry has been doing this since the beginning of the 20 century -vast changes have taken place over the last century -only very thin line separates science from politics when it comes to mental illness -politics today defines what is mental illness and what is not -interest groups: influence the way in which psychiatry has labelled and delabelled mental illn
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