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Sociology 3321F/G

Flexible self: -people’s identities change faster today -due to factors such as globalization and technological innovations -when exposed to cultural aspects, people are constantly modifying themselves Agents of socialization (significant others): -family-mastering basic skills -school-critical for secondary socialization Conflict theorists-suggest school have a hidden curriculum that teaches children how to behave in society after they graduate -visible curriculumread information, learn it, be tested on it -must have discipline and motivation -reason why employers like people who have university degrees -siblings, parents, teachers -if a teacher treats students w/ respect and as if they are smart, students will respond that way -Thomas theorem: situations we define as real become real in their consequences -peers, peer groups, religion, sports teams -peer groups: critical, made up of individuals of the same age, similar status (recognized position in society) -will acquire peer groups as they go through life -help children and adolescents separate from families and become independent -sports teams: it teaches you to subordinate (place at a lower level) your personal self interest for the group -it allows you to commit yourself to some super-ordinate goal (a goal larger than yourself, above individual’s interest) -commit yourself to a group goal, to society etc. -the mass media: can reach millions of people in an instant, its global Marshall McLuhanglobal village=the world of today passes information around at the same rate as the old traditional village -modern media had turned the world into a global village -mass media creates pop culture=COCA colonizationthe spread of American popular culture around the world -modern music comes from America (popular music) -its new (only since 1950s) -violence in the mass media, does watching violent popular cause people to be violent?-->NO Continuity/Discontinuity -sometimes the agents of socialization preach/carry different messages -when agents carry the same message = CONTINUITY -when agents carry
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