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Sociology 3321F/G

Sex for Money It’s treating people as a “means to an end” in this case “my sexual gratification” Instead of this: We should always treat people as “ends in themselves” this is “dignity” The above comes from the great German philosopher Emmanuelle Kant (1724-1804) C.O.Y.O.T.E. = “Call off your old tired ethics” Notes: Hermaphrodites or Intersex: -biological sexuality is not always clear cut -in rare cases we have hermaphroditism -South African woman ran in women’s race and won -had been tested and found to have intersex qualities -elevated levels of testosterone -had male testes that are internal -the word hermaphrodite comes from Greek mythology - Greek god Hermes and goddess Aphrodite =hermaphrodite -the Greeks stood in awe of this condition and though its origin was super natural -sometimes these characteristics are internal -sometimes people have both male and female genitalia -the cultural side has generally been uneasy w/ sexual ambiguity -this is not the case w/ all cultures -in Thailand, it’s generally accepted w/ relatively little stigma (negative label) -NavajoAboriginal group in South West part of the USA -also look on it w/ awe and as something supernatural -people who were intersex became influential people in the tribe Transexuals: -may have transplants to function as normal males and females -some deliberately change their sex -someone who is prepared to undergo therapy and surgery to change their sex -gender identity is out of synch w/ the body -sometimes a person’s identity doesn’t line up w/ their biology -some people are convinced that they are a “woman in a man’s body” or vice versa -this kind of surgery is covered by OHIP in Canada -gender rolesexpectations about how males and females are supposed to act Meterosexuality: -men who are absolute “fuss pots”/extremely concerned about their appearance -these men are heterosexuals -ex. David Beckham Homosexuality: -caused by nature or nurture? Nurture: homosexuality is found among our closest evolutionary relative -chimps, baboons, gorillas -you also find it in other mammals therefore it suggest a biological root -found in all cultures and apparent in all times in history -Greek phalanx (formation in army) -when that formation breaks than you’re in big trouble -in order to maintain the solidarity of the Phalanx, soldiers were encouraged to participate in homosexual behaviour Nurture: -it may well be that sexual preference is flexible and can be learned -in prisons, both male and female prisons, homosexual behaviour is widespread -these people go into prison as heterosexuals, while in prison they engage in homosexuality, and when they leave they return to their heterosexual behaviour -this may be the reason why people can be bisexual Gender roles: -in our society it has recently legalized homosexual marriage -54% of Canadians approve these changes -still problems w/ this in the states -tolerance for homosexuality has increased over time -sociologists have less interest in the origins of homosexuality b/c there is
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