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Lecture Seven November 14, 2013
Deviance and Deception in Action II
Corporate violence
Potentially much more serious
Physical costs
Perpetration: not deliberate
Goal not physical harm
Motivation: “financial advantage”
Legal status differs property offences
More ambiguous
Many environmental and workplace offenses illegal (regulatory violations), but not
Environmental crime
The closing circle: nature, men and technology--Barry Commoner
Relationship between new technologies and industrial pollution
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Responsible for:
oClean up
“Designed to assist and cooperate with state-level enforcement, or if pollution laws were
not sufficiently enforced, to supersede state authority with federal enforcement efforts”
Criminal: rare
Example: 1994-1997
1,846 charged
Main goal: compliance
Much more commonplace
Example: 1997
oFederal environmental enforcement actions: 4,129
Environmental Injustice
Refers to “…the unequal distribution of environmental risks and hazards to which
members of disadvantaged groups are subjected.”
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Regulates majority of workplace health and safety violations
Over 40 years old
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