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Sociology 1020

Families and Intimate Relationships Chapter 12 & Rethinking Society 3A  The delivery of health care and mental health care is institutionalised  How you are treated depends on who you are  Families not always organised around this nonsense known as love. Review: Social Institutions  Definition: Rules and beliefs that structure social relationships  Purpose: Social control and stability  Principles: o Relativity  All things social are relative to time, space and place. What is “normal” today was a criminal act years ago, or in a different culture. o Context  Holding people responsible for their choices but putting their choices in the context of having the opportunity to choose  Free will is complicated – the prof has more “free will” than others because of class & education o Dynamic  The family has been called the cause and the solution to problems – it’s about poor parenting (How could the parents let this happen? Etc.)  It’s seen as outside material, economic and social forces… and survive them all. Gender Symmetry Patriarchy Gender Equity Gender & Sexual Diversity Hunting Agrarian Feudal Industrialisation Advanced Industrial Tribal social Polygamy Nuclear Family Extended family system system Patrilineal descent Private (Reproduce Gay parents, blended family, -Inheritance of labour – unpaid) IVF babies property Mom > Work Elder care plus the…. Public (Productive labour Boomerang generation – paid) -Kids leave & come back Sandwiches middle aged. Women are seen as the primary consumers. (Women’s stuff costs more. The jerks) The Way We Weren’t  Single mothers (19 – early 20 century) o Inner city urban poor, racialised… teen moms. Over 60%  Breadwinner father (1950s) o Golden era of capitalism: welfare state o Living wage (earn enough to support children & wife) for men (means economic dependency for women)  Women could work only if a man wasn’t looking for work o Teen pregnancy; child poverty  We’ve taught girls that their value is in being a mother. Cue teen moms :D  Moral crisis: romanticised family values  Day care funds being pulled back because we believe that children should be raised by their parents Politics of Love & Care Family Life: 1950s-80s Privatisation of care 1980s-00s Welfare State State support for families: Neo-liberalism Day care, benefits  Social order and change is accomplished through family o Reproduces cultural shifts in values and beliefs  Gay marriage, international adoption o Reconstituted by structural changes  Dual incomes Bountiful: Polygamy and the State  Polygamy: illegal in Canada o Exploitation of women and children  Civil liberty of religious freedom
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