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Sociology 1020

Role of the State Reproducing Public OrderOrder is not simply the right people being in positions of power Nomadic Agricultural rural Urbandomestic Virtualglobal Hunting Agrarian Feudal Industrialisation Advanced Industrial Tribal social Family kinships Class system bureaucratic Multinationals and system traditional aristocracies traditional system of rational authority power elites Rich and authority authority Dense urban life increased poor nation No wealth Rapid innovation of affluence Ideological authority Subsistence only agricultural production Emergence of state Weakening ofconquestcolonisation regulation of economy and democracyLand as power private lives Hunt to survive War about power Somebody had to manageState collapse between empires State didnt exist before Ascendency of capitalist class The Role of the StateOrganising structure of complex advanced societies o War trade economySocial control o Sole source of the right to use violenceWe cant use lethal force without huge backlashthe state canWhat does violence have to do with democracyWhy does the state need the right to kill Both citizensthreatso Creation and enforcement of the law Elected govtFamilies Criminal Justice SystemTaxes State EducationHealth Care Military The market crashing and rising is like a type one diabetic This is not like society though o Maximize profits of capital and not get killedHello state Lookin fine o You cannot take the economy out of the equation Theorising PowerPower ability to do something despite the resistance of othersIs power
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