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Sociology 1020

Too many people; too little food. Delusion or reality? Global north: 10% population Global south: 90% population - Despite our small size, we’re the most powerful, because it’s about resources - We command the economic system - The bulk of our immigrants are coming from the global south o This poses a paradox/contradiction, because we’re terrified of them but we need them for trade, etc. Clash of Ignorance - Incidences like 9/11 have been seen over many religions and cultures (i.e. mass child killing in Texas by Christians – but we don’t see the same outcry against them) - I love Katey. - Katey better love Panda. - Cultural wars o Concepts of “us” and “them” are enforced by inferiority and superiority How should we intervene? - Coercion: imposition of family planning policies o One child  China – this can lead to gender preference  They’ve also been involved in social development, so you can’t point a finger at which is really doing the work – probably a combo. o Deprova implants (India)  Form of birth control – carefully watched to determine the effect this may have on Western women  If women agreed to get this, then the pharmaceutical companies would build schools and bring water to the community  Stays in for 7 years – irremovable unless at risk of death from side effects - Collaborative: social development o Expanded economic choices o Enhanced security  Build social capacity and modernise  birth rates drop Why not collaborative intervention? - Long term social development strategies don’t address immediate environment problems - Social development in global south undermines increasing affluences in global north o Foreign aid through taxation  Social development of the global south decreases our ability to get money  Coercive intervention benefits pharmaceutical companies Too many bodies or too few opportunities? Why do people migrate? - Sharia law o Legal system rooted in the text of Islam o Suggested to have this put into place because the Islam community has become so large  Signaled how cities have changed and how changes have affected institutions o How far do we take cultural inclusivity? - People move for jobs o Massive movements for labour - Diaspora o Conflicts are being carried over from other countries (we can’t deal with them from a distance anymore) Urban spaces and social interaction - Human society takes place in a physical environment o Cities: context of social interaction  Social inequality of race, class, gender  Cities are more than just bricks & mortar (we work & live closer together)  What space is used and what is not? Who controls that space? Social power o Migration patterns: diversity o Environmental damage and dependency o Can we live sustainably? Can we live in harmony? Urban spaces: Context of social life
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