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Western University
Sociology 1020

Ideology to Identity: Reproducing Social Order Self: Identity, beliefs, values Ideology Cultural institutions Conditions of socialisation Democracy (media, law, education, religion)(learning, discipline, compliance) (equality, freedom, tolerance) Success via self-improvement Curriculum, student testing Poverty is fault of individual  These are powerful institutions meant to hold control – not to encourage individualism.  Nothing we do is in a vacuum Emancipatory Pedagogy Salt by Beverly Brown, Morgan Gage, Amber Goodwyn, Louise Leroux, & Karen Shamy-Smith – NFB  Rewriting the self  Resistance education o Education is about discipline and order o Where we resist against the hidden curriculum o This video’s message is paralleled to what the conflict theorists are saying o Education is oppressive – not promoting creativity o You “have to” go to university – merely saddles people with debt and low job prospects o This type of education promotes authenticity, is anti-oppressive and very rare Learning in Neoliberal Times  McUniversity o Degree as commodity  We are entitled to our degree (purchasing) & want to be treated nicely. o You approach university similar to a trip to the mall – about amenities > education  Universities have be clever when marketing themselves  Watching videos of move-in day. How many bars on campus? Etc.  This is affecting professor/student relations – want to be entertained. o Students as consumers/customers  Looking for high quality product & service  E.g. amenities on campus: food, bars, gym, residence  University life as spectacle of entertainment o Trent has 1 lecture hall – Wenjack. So what did we build? An athletic complex. Life at Trent – Normalising Consumerism  Athletic facilities – no new lecture
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