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Western University
Sociology 1020

Urban spaces: purpose built Social Relations Environment Population size & migration Population size + Population composition = Social relations Birth rate Migration Age Infant mortality Immigration Gender Life expectancy Regionalism Ethnicity Rural vs. urban Disability Modernisation + Cultural values (Medical innovation and advanced education) (Traditionalism and patriarchy) - We are having fewer babies, which affects society - 80% of people are urban, 20% are rural o Does this mean all policies should be made by those living urban? - Because of medical advancements, people who would have died 10 or 20 years ago are now living – we have to adapt both teaching styles and the ways the buildings are built to accommodate them. - We are a disappearing population – the assumption being that the more educated and sophisticated we are, the stronger we are… but this has led to a 0 replacement rate, meaning that the more advanced we are, the less we have sexy times for babies. - The power is in medical innovation and advanced education, but the people are in traditionalism and patriarchy Post Industrial Societies - Canada is an aging and increasingly gendered society o Women are living longer than men o Lowest birth rate (among G8 countries) o Immigration dependency - Urban design and social policy implications? - Looking at the population pyramid o As the baby boomers get older, the younger generation is going to have higher taxes in order to take care of them. o People aren’t having children anymore because the cost is so high. o To create stability: build the base – babies Population Trends in the Global Context - High growth south versus low growth north
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