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Family Lecture

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Sociology 1020
Kim Luton

Family - First agent of socialization In what kind of ‘Family’ do you live? 1. Nuclear traditional -2 parent - 73 2. Extended family – mx. generations/ aunts, uncles - 1 3. Lone parent male headed - 6 4. Lone parent female headed - 10 5. Blended family - 6 6. Same-sex family - 2 7. Polygamous - 3 8. Other - 0 The Family: Basic Concepts Social institution that unites people in cooperative groups to oversee the bearing and raising of children • Kinship… - a social bond based on blood, marriage or adoption • Family Unit… – defined as two or more people who are related by blood, adoption, marriage or some other form of extended commitment and who reside together - families form around marriage The Family: Basic Concepts • Nuclear family… – One or two parents and their unmarried children – SNAF – standard north American family - most common family type • Extended family… – nuclear family plus other kin (grandparents, uncles, ect.) – 2.8% of families in Canada of extended - immigrant families - first nations The Family: Basic Concepts • Endogamy… –marriage between people of the same social category. - within your own group (same race, same class, same religion, ect.) • Exogamy… –marriage between people of different social categories. - outside your group What sex are you? 1. Female - 62 2. Male - 38 Which does your family wish you to do? 1. Endogamy – 56 – 45: Males, 61: Females 2. Exogamy – 44 – 55: Males, 39: Females Will your family arrange a marriage for you? 1. Yes – 3 – 2: Males, 3: Females 2. No – 97 – 98: Males, 98: Females The Family: Basic Concepts - person’s choices are guided by social forces Propinquity: spatial proximity (fall in love with people of the same social class, religion, ect.) Homogamy: people marry those like themselves regarding religion, ethnicity, education, etc. (think ”characteristics”) - choosing to marry someone based of these characteristics Heterogamy: Marriage between people who are dissimilar in some important regard such as religion, ethnicity, social class, personality or age. - choosing to marry someone because they are different Descent - kinship and we inherits and who doesn’t • Descent—the way people trace kinship over generations. • bilateral—descent traced through both the mother’s and father’s side of the family. • patrilineal—descent is traced only to the father’s side (most common, for example, India) • matrilineal—descent is traced only to the mother’s side (much less common, the brother of the mother passes descent on to his nephew) Residential Patterns • Patrilocality: married couple live with or near the husband’s family • Matrilocality: wife’s family • Neolocality: alone When married, in what residential pattern do you expect to live? 1. Patrilocality - 4 2. Matrilocality - 11 3. Neolocality - 85 Marriages & Arrangements What is Marriage? • Marriage: a legally sanctioned relationship, usually involving economic cooperation as well as sexual activity & childbearing, that people expect to be enduring What is Marriage? • Marriage can be defined as a commitment & an ongoing exchange. 1. Commitment – contract that outlines the rights and obligation 2. Ongoing exchange – inter dependence 3. Expressive exchanges – provide the basic necessities 4. Instrumental exchanges Marriage Patterns • In most industrial societies, laws prescribe monogamy (uniting of two partners, only legal marriage in Canada) - cereal monogamy (one partner after another) • Polygamy… –marriage that unites three or more (one male, and the rest females) – Polygyny… • two or more women (Winston Blackmore, sect = moron) – Polyandry… • two or more men • Institutional Convergence Would you engage in ‘polygyny’? 1. Yes 2. No Would you engage in ‘polyandry’? 1. Yes 2. No Marriage Rates in Canada • Year Canadian Pop Marriages Rates/ per1000 •• 1921 8,787,549 71,254 7.9 • 1931 10,376,386 68,239 6.4
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