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Sociology 1020 Tutorial Notes for Chapter18

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Sociology 1020
Kim Luton

Chapter 18Sex and TemperamentReviewThe author discusses Margaret Meads anthropological work in the Sepik River region of New Guinea This is a classic study done by Margaret Mead in which she observes three different societies with radically different gender rolesMeads goal was to investigate the temperamental differences between men and women Mead studied three tribes during her time in New Guinea the Arapesh the Mundugumor and the TchambuliThe Arapesh What Mead found in her observations of the Arapesh is that both men and women exhibited the attitudes and behaviour that are more closely reflected in the gendersex roles of women in Western societies Hence Mead found that both men and women were cooperativegentle andcarefully parental pg 102 In being parents the Arapesh were observed to participate in a postpartum sex taboo whereby the new parents do not have intercourse with each other or other individuals until the baby is walking around etc they believed at this time the baby was able to withstand its p
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