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Sociology 1020 Tutorial Notes for Chapter20

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Sociology 1020
Kim Luton

Chapter 20The National Conversation in the Wake of the Littleton is Missing the MarkJackson Katz Sut JhallyReview andor Discussion QuestionsWestern culture defines masculinity in such a way that encourages males to be prone to committing violent acts such as those committed in LittletonIn their discussion of the events surrounding the shootings at a high school in Littleton the authors argue that such situations illustrate the way in which our culture continues to define masculinity and they argue that the characteristics of this definition are linked to the aggressiveviolent behaviour we observe among young menIn incidents like the Littleton shootings the media continuously report the issue as kids killing kids when in fact the problem is much more specific In particular the higher incidence of young boys killing other young boys and girls is notableHence the authors argue that the higher incidence of these violent acts being perpetrated by young boys reveals a crisis in masculinity and not simply a crisis in
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