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Sociology 1020
Kim Luton

Chapter 34 Alienated Labour Allison Rozman stJanuary 31 2012Written by Karl MarxTheres no call here for revolution no telling workers to rise up and seize the factories and so onMarxs goal here as in most of his writing in fact is to analyzeHe wants to understand how the logic of work under capitalism has impoverished the human experienceThe worker becomes poorer the more wealth he produces and the more his production increases in power and extentThe worker becomes an ever cheaper commodity the more goods he createsThe Devaluation of the human world increases in direct relation with the increase in value of the world of thingsLabour produces itself and the worker as a commodityThe object produced by labour now stand opposed to it as an alien being as a power independent of the producerThe product of labour is labour which has been embodied in an object and turned into a physical thing this product is an objectification of labourThe performance of work appears in the sphere of political economy as a vitiation of the worker objectification as a loss and as servitude to the object and appropriation as alienation Labour itself becomes an object which he can acquire only by the greatest effort and with unpredictable interruptionsSo much does the appropriation of the object appear as alienation that the more objects the worker produces the fewer he can possess and the more he falls under the domination of his product of capitalThe worker is related to the product of his labour as to an alien objectThe worker puts his life into the object and his life than belongs no longer to himself but to the objectThe greater his activity the less he possessesThe alienation of the worker in this product means no only that his labour becom
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