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Sociology 1020
Michael Haight

Chapter 3 Culture CULTURE AS PROBLEM SOLVING AND AS MEANING GENERATOR 12 Culture as Meaning Generator • The power of culture is that it makes our sensory experiences meaningful. Culture as Problem Solving • Culture is the means humans use to solve the challenges of life. • At the root of culture is solving the problem of meaning. Culture Defined • Culture: The shared symbols and their definitions that people create to solve real-life problems. • Symbols:• Symbols are shared. Material and Non-material Culture • Material culture: • Non-material culture: Three Types of Norms Which Type? 1. Folkways: 2. Mores:
 3. Taboos: Five Common Components 1. Symbols- 2. Language- 3. Values-
4. ______- 5. Norms- Functionalist Analysis: Culture and Ethnocentrism • People tend to take their culture for granted. • The ideas, norms, and techniques of other cultures frequently seem odd, irrational, and even inferior. • Ethnocentrism: CULTURE AS FREEDOM AND CONSTRAINT Ethnocenterism Cow Worship Other Ways • Eurocentrism: • Cultural Relativism: The Sapir-Whorf Thesis The Sapir-Whorf Thesis Language and the Sapir-Whorf Thesis • Language: • Sociologists’ claim that language is a cultural invention is disputed by some scientists who believe language is instinctual, not cultural. Culture’s Two Faces Cultural Production and Symbolic Interactionism • According to symbolic interactionist view, people do not accept culture passively. Cultural Diversity • Part of the reason why we are increasingly able to choose how culture influences us is that there is more to choose from: • Canada’s culture is becoming increasingly diverse. Conflict Analysis: The Rights Revolution • Rights revolution: • The rights revolution fragments Canadian culture. Multiculturalism From Diversity to Globalization • Globalization: • One of most important roots of globalization is expansion of international trade and investment. The Globalization of English 21 22 Globalization Adapts Products Aspects of Postmod
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