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Sociology 1020
Kim Luton

The Sociological Imagination13122007 170000Sociology using a different lens to see the worldtheories about the social relations between individuals and groups of people within a particular societyFocuses on Patterned Group BehaviourAlways exceptionsPeople act in highly predictable waysLittle left to chanceSociety guides our actions and shapes our valuesPeter BergerTo see the general in the particularIdentify general patterns in the behaviour of particular individualsSociety acts differently in different categoriesEx adults vs kids rich vs poorThe Sociological Imagination C Wright Mills 1950sWe see the world through the lens of our own experience which limits our understandingThree Levels of AnalysisBiographyHuman Agency no one has the same life experiences choices morals valuesMilieuGemeinschaftsocial setting of everyday life cannot understand someone unless we understand where they come fromHistorySocietystructures society plus past present and future impacts an individuals biology structure of society affects age race gender inequalityPrivate Troubles problems relevant to each of us as individuals impacts milieuPublic Issues problems and concerns at level of history concern all members of society often not relevant unless in our milieu or communityAnthony GiddensStructuration Theory historyactionInteraction between 3 levels of analysis is called Double involvement of self in SocietyDouble Involvement we are all products and producers in societyAffects the lives of those in our milieuAffects historySociological Theory13122007 170000Sociology systematic study of social behaviour in human societiesScience studied for over 100 yearsGoals of sociologyDescribe the social worldExplain how and whyCritique existing social arrangements that promote inequality aim to fix itAuguste Comte 1838Coined term sociologyUnderstand rapid social changeRapid social change destabilizes societyPositivismDurkheimUse research methods of natural sciences for social sciencesStudy what actually is not focus on idealSaw rapid social change with the coming of human rightsSociological Perspectives ways of seeing the world perspective defines a persons theoryTheory explains patterns in events that do not have obvious explanationspatterns statement of how and why certain facts are related Ex suicide rates related to social integration and group life
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