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Lecture 16

Sociology 2140 Lecture 16: March 20 – In Class Notes (Bee Video)

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Sociology 2140
Helene Cummins

Sociology 2140 – March 20 – In Class Notes Helen’s Work • 2% of Canadians live on farms • “family farms” are now becoming factory farms • when asked, farm parents did want their children to farm • many kids were lonely on the farm Video: Queen of the Sun: What are the bees telling us? • Global bee crisis • Renewing a culture in balance with nature Problem… • How will we pollenate? • No bees = no agriculture Facts… • Need pollination for 40% of food crops • 5 million colonies each with 50,000 - 60,000 honey bees have been lost in the US • bees nurture life and fertility o bees are keeping us alive, not the other way around End of the 19 century… • honey wasn’t sold • used for healing or given as gifts • seen as “sacred” 19 century on… • controlling nature • experts say mechanization might destroy the honey bee • our lives depend on bee keeping Colony Collapse Disorder – because of disease, pesticides, and other factors, entire colonies die • every 2 years we have a bee disaster In the US… • bees are shipped to California to pollenate almond crops • this intermixes bees from around the country and sometimes around the world • millions of bees die every year in transport, before they can polle
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