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White Collar Work Lecture Notes

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Sociology 2140
Darlene Balandin

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Exam Review: • Chapter 7 • Chapter 9 • Chapter 8 • Chapter 10 • Chapter 5 • Chapter 11 • Chapter 12 White Collar Work: • Office work that tends to be cleaner • Clerical • Administrative and sales • Managerial • 33% of the working pop. • Historically  decline in blue collar work and a rise in white collar work - bureaucratization – formalization of the work industry - rationalization Clerical Work • Accounting, banking, fiancé and insurance, etc… • Clerical is at the bottom of the organizational hierarchy • Lowest levels of education • Skill is often limited, not a lot of oppurnity to further your skill • Female dominated – exception of shippers • Lowest level of earnings • Complexity and perplexity are low • Narrow in its scope of practice, but east to define the skills and tasks they engage in – administrative tasks • Execution of work – being told what to do • Employers tend to purchase time, energy and labour for blue collar work vs. white collar work purchases social aspect, energy and labour • Decline in clerical work – increase in technology (allows better organization) • Electronic Paonopticon Emotional Labour • Purchasing the idea of personality, social aspects are part of the job • Arlie Hochsoheld – wrote a book called the managed heart • Emotional style of how they offer the labour • The person must enjoy doing their job – act like they love it – emotional labour involved when trying to accomplish • Management of feeing to create a publicly observable facial and bodily display – sold for a wage Personality Management • C. Wright
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