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Sociology 2140

Notes: -The objective element of a social problem refers to the existence of a social condition. - A Social Problem is a social condition that a segment of society views as harmful to members of society and in of remedy. - Manifest refers to social problems that are recognizable. Latent social problems are ones that are less noticeable. - A subjective element of a social problem refers to beliefs that particular social conditions are harmful to society or too a segment of society, and should be something that we should change. - According to Durkheim’s research on social problems suicide rates were social facts that are phenomena created by a social organization rather than individual acts of desperation. -Structural theorist have since argued that a society needs to have cohesion in its different parts, with complementary functions and values. - Institution: An institution is an established and enduring organization of social relationships. The 5 main institutions are Family, Education, Economics, Politics and Religion. - Many social problems are a result of inadequacies in institutions or conflicts between institutions. Ex: Unemployment may be influenced by the educational institution’s inability to keep up with changing demands and instability in the structure of the economic institution - Social groups: Two or more people who have a common identity, interact, and form a
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