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Education and Workplace Issues

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Sociology 2140

Problems in Schools Education: social institution responsible for transmitting knowledge skills, and cultural values in a formally organized structure The Credentials Race Occurs because some groups have vested interest in placing greater emphasis on the importance of educational degrees Education & Equality: The Issue of Equal Access Our society is based on the premise that everyone should have the right to an education Equality through education There is a lot of criticism that not all students have access to the same quality education Segregation Schools in the U.S. tend to be highly segregated along the lines of social class and race, despite efforts to integrate. Factors that lead to segregated schools Segregated housing patterns A public that is indifferent to the desirability of integrated schools Affluent families are more likely to move in order to find a good school for their children or to send them to private schools High School Dropouts in the United States, Eighteen to Twenty-four Years Old, by Race & Ethnic Origin, 2004 Educational Attainment & Achievement Today, ever-greater proportions of American students are finishing high school and going on to college The gap of educational attainment between blacks and whites has narrowed considerably since the turn of the century It is often argued that higher dropout rates among minority students are caused by the fact that they do not receive enough help at home (cultural- disadvantage argument) Problems in Financing Education Postsecondary level: over 100% increase in tuition over the past decade and some programs are deregulated so can charge what they choose e.g., Ivey MBA Tuition (from their website) Domestic Spring ‘09 $62,000, Fall ‘09 $64,000 International Spring ‘09 $72,000, Fall ‘09 $74,000 Commercialization of postsecondary education: Advertisements in rooms and corridors Naming buildings and classrooms Problems in Canadian Education Bullying and school violence are now being addressed, but are still present Public perception has been at odds with the facts on school violence School violence has been declining since 1993 to the present Current sources of school violence are: 1. Lack of parental supervision 2. Violence in the media 3. Availability of guns 4. Harassment of students by other students 5. Influence of outside groups 6. Low self-esteem brought on by social isolation Problems in Canadian Education Functional illiteracy: being unable to read and/or write at the skill necessary for carrying out everyday tasks Future Educational Problems in the 21st Century Students’ knowledge of reading, math, and science have improved; will this continue? Increase in home schooling Increase in private schooling and tutoring services Increased use of the Web Does it encourage thinking or plagiarizing? What Can You Do? Volunteer at a local elementary or secondary school Promote peer mediation programs Find out what is being done to challenge escalating tuition at your college or university and join them Consider becoming a teacher Future Prospects for Education A number of reforms have been proposed for schools parental choice back to basics curricula early childhood interventions school integration better communities and families Growth of Education & Technology Modernization is the economic, social, & cultural changes that occur when a pre-industrial society makes the transition to an advanced industrial society. Two parts of society that play a key role in the process of modernization Educational institutions Sc
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