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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 - What is Crime?

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Sociology 2140
Cathy Thorpe

cWU`a^Wŷ U`ŷŶŴŵŵ S`_^W O S`_SU^W 4 ZSU`` S` S_TWWZVWWWV_[USVWbSZ`T` WU^ZSU[VW[XSZSVS 4 cWY_S`[ZZWWV_`[TW\S__WV` ^[aY ` W S^SWZ`[XSZSVS x S^SWZ`VWUVW_c S`V[W_SZVV[W_Z[`Y[Z`[` WU^ZSU[VW 4 ¦XSU^W_Z[`U[``WVSb[S`[Z S_TWWZSVW O S^SU`W^_`U_[XSc 4 [`US 4 \WUXUS 4 ZX[^` 4 SZU`[Z_ O ^[bZUSSc_[XXWZ_W_XT^[ WZ O aZU\STSc_b[S`[Z_[XaZU\STSc_XT^[ WZ O cSc__ [aVTW_\WUXUÊ[^` WYW`` ^[cZ[a` 4 ¦`_ [aVTWS\\WV`[WbW^W]aS#aZX[^` O W^W_ [aVTW_SZU`[Z_#\aZ_ WZ`_S__[US`WVc` ` WU^W 4 WWbW\WZS_SZU`[Z__ [aVZb[bWS`WS_`` WS$a 4 SZ`ZY`[ZU^WS_W` WZac` ` WS$a_S_YZ[XX^a_`^S`[Z O `aVZYU^W_SX[^[X aSZTW Sb[a^ 4 WWc S` S\\WZWVZ` W\S_``[\^WVU`X[^` WXa`a^W O ^W[bW^`W 4 aU [XU^ZSU[VW^WSZ_XaZVSWZ`S` W_SW 4 W^WS^WSU`_` S`\^Wb[a_cW^WU[Z_VW^WVU^W_S^WZ[[ZYW^_`WVS_U^W_ x WSZ_` S`cW SbW_[W [cU SZYWV[a^ZV_S_`[c _SW TW Sb[a^_\^Wb[a_cW^WU[Z_VW^WVU^ZSS^WZ[[ZYW^U^ZS 4 W^WS^WSU`_` S`S^WU^ZS`[VS` S`cW^WZ[`\^Wb[a_U^ZS O W^UW\`[Z[XU^W`WZV_`[TWZXaWZUWVbW^aU Tc S`cW SbWW$\W^WZUWVW` W^ \W^_[ZS[^bUWUS^WW__ 4 W^UW\`[Z^_W_SZVXSZVW\WZVWZ`X^[^S`W_[XU^W 4 [_W` S`XWS^U^W[_``WZV`[TW[VW^\W[\WSZVc[WZ 4 [_Wc [XWS^U^WW__`WZV`[TW[aZYW^\W[\WSZVSW_ 4 S`W_[XbU`%S`[Z_[cW_`X[^[VW^\W[\WSZVc[WZ x -Y W^^S`W_X[^[aZYSW_ 4 _U[ZZWU`[ZTW`cWWZXWS^SZVbU`%S`[Z x [[aZYc[WZS^WXWS^W__ W`[Y[[a`S[ZWZ` WZY ``W x [_Wc [XWWW__baZW^STWS^WZXSU`` W[_`bU`%WV O [_Wc [S^W[^WbaZW^STW`S W[^W\^WUSa`[Z WS_a^WWZ`[X^W O 4 [ Z[cXUW^`SZ\^WbWZ`[Z_S^Wc[^ ZY 4 [ Z[cXU^W_YW``ZYTW``W^[^c[^_W O # ¦¦ccc¦ Êc[^ _S_SXaZZW 4 ^W_ Z[cZ`[` W\[UW x WU[W Z[cZc WZ` WS^W^W\[^`WVT` WbU`#[X`WZ` W_[a^UW c`ZW__W_ x ^W_^W\[^`WV`[\[UWS^W\[^`SZ`ÊU^W_S^W^W\[^`WV`[`S`_`U_ SZSVS x VbSZ`SYW` S`` WcZbW_`YS`W` O VWY^WW[XS__a^SZUW` S`` [_WU^W_^W\[^`WV SbW`S WZ\SUW 4 ^W_UWS^WV cWU`a^Wŷ U`ŷŶŴŵŵ x [_Wc` S\[UW` S` SbWS^WS_[ZSTWTS__X[^U[Z_VW^ZY x WS^WVTS^^W_`V[W_Z[`WSZ` S`` WcW^WU S^YWV[^`^WV x [W_Z[`WSZ\W^_[ZcS_U[ZbU`WV 4 [ZbU`[Z_ 4 ¦ZUS^UW^S`[Z_ O S^ XYa^W[XU^WÊ`S`[ZÊV[Z[` Z[c [caU [^c S`U^W_ SbWZ[`TWWZ ^W\[^`WV O ¦¦c ¦ 4 WX^W\[^`[XU^W_ x WZVWV`[Zb[bWS_ ZY[\\[^`aZ_`U^[cVÊS_ ST[a`b[S`[Z[XU^W_ ` S`` WS SbWU[ZVaU`WVTa`cW^WZ[`S\\^W WZVWVX[^ x WZV`[X[Ua_[Z^WS`bW_SZ[^U^W_ 4 ^bS`W\[UZY x -SbW`[V_`ZYa_ TW`cWWZ` W^W\[^`ZY[XUW^`SZ^W\[^`_[^` W ZUVWZ`_[X` [_W^W\[^`_ x [`WbW^` ZYYW`_^W\[^`WV O ¦ZbWZ`[^_ ^Z SYW 4 ^[Z`V[[^ÊUa_`[W^__`WSZY 4 SU V[[^ÊW\[WW__`WSZY#TYYW^\^[TW 4 U`_a^bW_ x W_WWU`WVY^[a\`[^W\[^`X` W SbWTWWZbU`%WVZ` W\S_`ŵŶ [Z` _#W$ SbW[aTWWZSbU`[XS^[TTW^ x ^W_` S`[UUa^^WVTa`VVZ[`YW`^W\[^`WV`[\[UW O ŋŹŴ'[XbU`%S`[Z` S`V[W_Z[`YW`^W\[^`WV`[\[UW
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