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Sociology of Sex

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Sociology 2140
Cathy Thorpe

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Lecture 13Jan 30 2012 Sociology of SexTA Georgus Office hours Wed Feb 15 SSC 5321 912 14y Sexual orientationoften shifts over lifetime o Not clear cut o Can vary over time y GLBT LGBT LGBTQ LGBTQ2 o Terms and definitions are not standardized o Advocate groups use different acronyms y Theoretical perspectives o Structural functionalistBelief that government has no place in the bedrooms of citizensAny sexual relations that would not help with family functions seen as deviantSamesex relations seen as potential harm to society because it disrupts heterosexual norm in societySome might see it as a good thing and as a form of social change o ConflictInequality in powerSee division between those with power and those without power o Symbolic interactionistMicrolevelSee how things are defined through meanings attached to groupings and how they are sociably constructedLabel tends to become their master statusLGBT are labeled based on their sexual orientation o FeministTalks ab
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