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Family Problems

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Sociology 2140
Cathy Thorpe

Lecture 14Feb 6 2012 Family ProblemsVideo Thoroughly Modern Marriage y 30 increase in mixed marriages y 75 marriages are able to work through extra marriage affairs y Open marriagescouples that have another relationship outside their marriage y Better health in marriages o Lower blood level lower stress and depression y 16 gay marriages happened when Canada legalized it y Hanover ABmany believe that marriage should remain rooted in religion o 70 of population are married y Previously marriage mostly for economic reasons y Common law marriage is the most common in Quebec o Financially responsibility during divorce is what keeps people from marrying y Attachment 13 parts of the brain is key for a successful relationship o Romantic love and attachment are not interconnected in the brain y 2006 Census o 69 of married couples o 155 common law couples o 16 of loneparent families o 44 of common law relationships in Quebec almost aof them were i
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