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Race, Ethnicity, and Aboriginality

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Sociology 2140
Cathy Thorpe

Lecture 16Feb 27 2012 Race Ethnicity and Aboriginality P 250conceptsPluralismracial and ethnic groups maintain and celebrate their distinct uniqueness and have equal access to programsMulticulturalismmosaic of variety of people that have immigrated to CA o Melting potUSencourages a more uniapproach o Estimate for 2031 63 of CA will become visible minority community o 1971 multiculturalism policy implemented o 60s stormy relationship between English and French population o 1969 Official Languages ActCultural assimilationimmigrants have made many sacrifices during the Great Depression and felt that they deserved the same rights o Royal Commission recommended that government adopt multipluralism o Trudeau did not support idea of Quebecs desire to separate1971 multiculturalism became official policyGovernment currently since the 70s is trying to implement an inclusive citizenship o Policy indicates that all citizens in CA are equal under the law and keep their citizenship while able to take pride in their ancestryP 256ethnic groups may be identify may origin place of origins shared cultural heritages or nationality2006 Census immigrationdetermined that there are 200 ethnic origins in CA o Many list more than 1 ethnic origins o Most frequently reported Canadian Canadian with some other ori
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