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Race, Ethnicity, and Aboriginality (cont'd)

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Sociology 2140
Cathy Thorpe

Lecture 17March 5 2012 Race Ethnicity and Aboriginality contdFinal ExamSunday April 1579 pmNS 1 y Ethnicity is about shared nationality or origin y CA is becoming more diverse y 250 ethnic groups y Diversity can be a good thing and a challenge when developing social programs y Functionalism o Macro level o Groups assimilate or dont assimilate into main society o Process of minority groups join the majority o Inequality serves a purpose o Dysfunctionalismracism promotes social problems and creates difficult situationsAffects well being of society y Conflict o Macro level o Economic competition creates this tension o Minorities tend to be disportional unemployed and available in a labour pool y Symbolicinteractionist o Micro level o Sees how people develop their ethnic identity o Language can mimic and create certain opinions o Labeling theorystereotypes are exaggerations and generalizations of a certain group of people o Highlight how subordinate are typically held back by the majority o Highlight that people accept the messages of being unworthy
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