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Day 1

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Sociology 2240E
Brendan Murphy

Sociological Theory Nietzsche Day 1 Tragedy - Something that makes you feel pretty bad - When someone’s strength is their undoing o Think of Rick’s leadership right? Tragic? RIGHT? Nietzsche’s Tragedy - Take the pain and hardship of life as a stimulant Nietzsche - Wrote a ton of great stuff during his tenor - And then he went crazy and had a mental breakdown was incapacitated until he died - For him the big deal was enlightenment o Left a huge gap in morality and values for people - Romanticism: philosophy that there is something out there bigger than us - Apollo is the desire for something we can never attain o Takes fleeting appearances that freeze life  Always chasing something o Brings about stasis o Ex. quitting smoking  I’m going to completely avoid all temptations for the cigarettes - Dionysus is a more primal oceanic feeling o Someone dies and his life-force continues o Overcoming the Apollo sensibility o Ex. quitting smoking  bring it on bitch I don’t need to smoke cigarettes, I’m going to quit and stare cigarettes in the face the whole time - Nietzsche values the human life with all of it’s values and pains o It’s wanting all of the troubling pains of life - Invent yourself as a work of art o Think of the agony and pain and such that goes into making art - Be sceptical to “will to power”  that was all stuff published that he didn’t publish - For Nietzsche, this whole universal truth idea isn’t really a thing o It makes everything stark and
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