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Day 2

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Sociology 2240E
Brendan Murphy

Sociological Theory Day 2 of quite a few Agency and Structure - Agent: one who acts for another person or institution by the authority of said institution (think like james bond or chuck bartowski) o Similar to soc because it’s “an individual who acts in for something else” - Structure - There’s a gap between the relationship for agency and structure o How antonymous are agents? o How are they influenced by structures? - The discourse of sociology is founded on these things existing and whatever Meads Theory of the Self - Self and society are pretty similar to agent and structure - There’s a dialectic between self and society o The relations between these things - Becoming a radical anything comes from going back to the roots o It’s really over the top - Mead is radical because he takes issue with the various things assumed real in sociology o IS THERE A SELF? HUH IS THERE PAL? o YEAH FUCK YOU - There’s a mind/body split o Descartes: I THINK THEREFORE I AM (or cogito ergo sum)  He sat around by a fire thinking about what he can doubt  The only thing that he couldn’t doubt was the fact that he was doubting o He can doubt everything about his body, this is where the mind/body split comes from - We can easily distinguish between the body and the mind o But the body has an intelligence o It can operate without the self o Think of unconscious actions  (the body just doing shit)  “oh hey mav you’re hungry”  “oh look you have a boner hah”  “I’m going to sneeze because there is shit in your nose” o Think mindless actions - Unrelated  a gate: apparently it means how you walk o Think of like swagger I guess o “hey white people walk like this lol and black people walk like this lol” - The self is reflexive o It can think about itself o It’s both the object and the subject - There are times when we lose consciousness of ourselves o Think about being chased o Walking somewhere o Uh being bored as fuck or whatever - You have your “self” as an object in your mind because you can lose that idea when you’re zoning out like a jackass - How does an individual get outside of him or herself? o Social conduct gets you outta there baby o The way you become an object to yourself is through social relations The Apparatus of Reason - The reason is objective - The attitude of the subject to know itself as an object must be objective o Or else it’s just consciousness - The only way the self can look at itself objectively is through subjective experiences o Need to look at how other people experience you o This gives your self an objective description - It’s pretty fucking stupid though because it’s based on how you think people think about you o So it’s not objective it’s subjective but you think it’s objective because fuck The Double - The idea of ghosts and shit leaving the body - Like a spirit within the body - We are split in body/mind o But they say we have a spirit  trying to conceptualize - The non-mythical double: the self as that which can be an object to itself is a “social structure” - We have a multitude of selves o It all depends on who we’re addressing Communication, Language, Gestures and Significant Symbol - When someone yells a thing you know how it is understood because of how you would understand it o Like if you yell “look out!
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