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Day 8 Term 2

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Western University
Sociology 2240E
Brendan Murphy

Day 8 Of the waning Presentist Conceit - Born in the world outside of the world - Belief that we exist outside of all power, discourses and such - Paradoxically, these are what we use to define ourselves - These subjective selves are all cultural o Calling myself a man, is something close to me o But it isn’t mine o It has existed separately from in culture before i was around o These thoughts are older then me and that’s weird o My brain is itchy Performity - History, culture, and identity have all predated us - These cultural practices are important o I don’t act like a dude because I am a man o I act like a man because it is culturally intelligible to do these things Western Feminism - Liberal Feminism: individual iniative, rational discussion, new laws - Radical feminism: the body - Socialist/Marxist feminism: role of capitalism and labour Post-Colonialism - Formal colonialism has ended but there its influences still exist - This is postcolonialism David Theo Goldberg, “Modernity, Race, and Morality” - How race became a category of exclusion
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