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Day 7 Term 2

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Sociology 2240E
Brendan Murphy

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Day 7 of a few Sociology Monday Feminism Introduction - So generally sociology is all about old white dudes - Then marginalized people try and argue against this stuff o Only modern people do this - It’s fucked up - Only having female theorists working on feminism just re-instates male- dominance with feminism The Bechdel Test - Does the movie have at least two women with names in it - Do they talk to eachother - Do they talk to eachother about something other then men Western Feminism - Liberal feminism: individual initiative, rational discussion, new laws o The feminine mystique is the founding text o It enforces a lot of things  “just want a better deal”  They just want to be treated equally  Very heteronormative or something - Radical feminism: the body o Patriarchy exists everywhere, and everything  Exists through heterosexuality and a bunch of other things o Women are defined by their relations to men o Men and women exists in separate spheres  Own moral concepts and understanding of the world • Essentialism: there is something inherent o In this case for men and women  This just reinforces the gender binary though - Socialist/Marxist feminism: role of capitalism and labour o If we get rid of capitalism, patriarchy will fall from it o Takes a look at women’s unpaid labour and how that enforces capitalism
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