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Day 3 Term 2

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Brendan Murphy

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Day 3 of plenty Georg Simmel Georg Simmel - He’s a rich fella o So he just did want he felt like, not what he needed to do o Probably important for any academic work he’s done - He isn’t super famous or anything o He doesn’t get referenced really by the big thinkers generally o It’s a heartbreaker - In contemporary society, younger scholars are looking at Simmel for some different methods and approaches to the orthodox old dudes - Grandfather of urban sociology o It’s more relevant than ever! Chicago School - Studied cities in very broad general ways - Wasn’t very theoretical Modernism: “of the now” - Individual; need to announce the unprecedented character of the self o I’m so unique - Society: need to announce the unprecedented character of our present “endism”  a word he made up  good word o Oh we’re past that o We’re so post-modern scoff - When these variables are normal then we are in the modern era Modernity - New Ways vs. Tradition - One vs. the Many - Individual vs. Society - Freedom vs. Security Philosopher’s “modern moments” - How they’ve sought to solve the problem of tradition and new ways the one and the many o “those who rely on recipes starve”  good quote o These people look at this relationship and they form a dialectic between the two - Socrates - Machiavelli o Sovereignty  maintaining control over a territory - Hobbes o Argues that the sovereign is what can reconcile the individual o Give up some freedoms to the sovereign to have some safety  Sign a contract  sounds like the social contract - Contemporary society is all about security and freedom o The relationship between the two o 1984! Simmel and Society - The one and the many is not a “problem to be solved’ o It just needs to be reconciled o He always looks at the relationship between the two o Doesn’t try to fix any ambiguity, rather he embraces it - Sociology of ambiguity o Subjectivity is itself a sociological topic - “How is community possible” - Interesting fact: the word police originally meant what we mean now has community  just random information - Reconciliation, not defining a problem to solve o Originally meant a person returning to the church to restore ones faith in god o However now it refers to the restoration of friendship o It’s not about one side winning over the other  It’s about understanding the differences and acting harmoniously together o Once again, ambiguity/aporia, not one over the other o Both, not one or the other - Aporia, good song name - When the division of labour came about, people became paramount and separated o However, so did our dependency on others o We only know one super specialized thing and now we need other stuff
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