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Sociology 2240E
Charles Levine

Tuesday January 8, 2013 **First class back from break** 13. SOCIAL THEORY EXAM TAKE UP  Prescriptive Realism – making ought judgments about society (moral judgments)  Operationalization – act of putting terms of hypothesis into measurable form (your values come into play  Causal law refers to non-social variables (environment). Montesquieu – nature and government.  Comte’s view of tableau cerebral; People were not intelligent enough to control own behavior  Comte - Not logically possible to be both an organicist and positivist. Assumption that there is a reality (positivist). Organicist makes all types of assumptions  Rousseau’s notion of “man in a state of nature”. Mental experiment by Rousseau – sense of what we would be like by nature. Idea of evil due to what we were taught, not nature. LECTURE CONFLICT THEORY Template hand out  Karl Marx documents sources of tension Conflict Theory  The way it began; started and almost stopped – written by silly people o They came up with a response to French Consensus Theory o Argued that the world was doomed to destroy itself because we are genetically predisposed to hate one another  Karl Marx; most sophisticated sociological theory to be written o No one has done any sociology since Marx that is not based on his work – he is the most significant writer, most important social theorist o Levine thinks that Mead and Weber are as equally important KARL MARX  His work; foundational & moral – he didn’t start as a sociologist, but as a social critic  he was concerned with analyzing how the capitalist world worked & wanted to indicate to the reader that it was fundamentally unjust/immoral o The immorality would cause a variable that would lead to social revolution o If more humans begin to understand that, they will start to do something about it = basis of social change in his theory  He makes you wonder if you have a right to live if you do not do something about it  he will do his best to convince you that you are a disgusting human being if you are not doing something about it (social change) o It will be difficult for you to appreciate Marx – been socialized not to; it will interfere with your ability to assess his arguments (you will not want to think about them) Tuesday January 8, 2013
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