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Lecture 1

Software Engineering 2203A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Requirements Elicitation, Database Engine, Functional Requirement

Software Engineering
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Abdelkader Ouda

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Unit 1: Intro to Software Engineering
Software Design: activity of specifying nature and composition of software systems that satisfy
client needs and desires, subject to constraints
Software System: an entity comprised of one or more programs, data, supporting materials and
services that satisfies client needs and desires
Software Engineering: goal of SE is to develop software systems; problem solving, modeling,
knowledge acquisition, rationale management
Why’s softare deelopet difficult?
Problem domain is difficult
Solution domain is difficult
Development process is difficult to manage
Offers extreme flexibility
A discrete system
Continuous systems have no hidden surprises; opposite of discrete systems
Problem Solving:
Search for solutions
Decide on solution
Abstraction and Modeling
SE’s deal with copleit through odelig
A model is an abstract representation of a system that enables us to answer questions
about the system
Models are useful when dealing with systems that are too large, too small, too complicated,
or too expensive to experience
A model also allows us to visualize and understand systems that:
No longer exists
An existing system
A future system to be built
Knowledge Acquisition
Collect data, organize in into info, formalize it into knowledge
Non-linear; single piece of data can invalidate complete models
Rationale behind decisions needs to be captured and described
Need to understand the context in which each design decision is made
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