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Lecture 12

Software Engineering 4453A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Software Engineering, Software Development Process, Quality Management

Software Engineering
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Abdelnasser Hassan Ouda

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Unit 5
Software Quality
Software Standards
Reviews and Inspections
Software Measurement and Metrics
Software Quality Management
concerned with ensuring that the required level of quality is achieved in a software
three principal concerns:
A. Organizational Level
quality management concerned with establishing a framework of
organizational processes and standards that lead to high-quality software
B. Project Level
quality management involves the application of specific quality processes and
checking that these planned processes have been followed
C. Quality Plan at the Project Level
also concerned with establishing a quality plan for a project
quality plan should set out the quality goals for the project and define what
processes and standards are to be used
Quality Assurance (QA)
definition of processes and standards that should lead to high-quality products and
introduction of quality processes into the manufacturing process
Quality Control (QC)
application of these quality processes to weed out products that are not of the
required level of quality
different companies interpret QA and QC differently
QA could just mean the definition of procedures, processes, and standards aimed at
ensuring that software quality is achieved
QA could also include configuration management, verification and validation that are
applied after the product is handed over
Quality Management Activities
provides an independent check on the software development process
management process checks the project deliverables to ensure that they are
consistent with organizational standards and goals
quality team should be independent from development team so that they can take an
objective view of the software
allows them to report on quality without being influenced by software development
Quality Planning
process of developing a quality plan for a project
quality plan sets out the desired product qualities and how these are assessed and
defined the most significant quality attributes
quality plan should define the quality assessment process
should set out which organizational standards should be applied and define new
standards to be used
The structure
Product Introduction
Product Plans
Process Descriptions
Quality Goals
Risks and Risk Management
Quality plans should be short, concise documents
Scope of Quality Management
particularly important for large, complex systems
quality documentation is a record of progress and supports continuity of development
as the development team changes
smaller systems, quality management needs less documentation and should focus on
establishing a quality culture