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Lecture 15

Software Engineering 4453A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Human Resources, Master System, Programming Style

Software Engineering
Course Code
Abdelnasser Hassan Ouda

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Unit 6
Factors affecting Parameters used for Development
Process Metrics
1. Programming Style (KLOC)
2. Volume of Documentation Comments (KLOC)
3. Software Complexity (KLOC, NCE)
4. Percentage of reused code (NDE, NCE)
5. Professionalism and thoroughness of design review and software testing
affects number of defects detected (NCE)
6. Reporting style of the review and testing results
concise reports vs comprehensive reports (NDE, NCE)
Factors affecting Parameters used for Product (Maintenance)
1. Quality of installed software and its documentation (NYF, NHYC)
2. Programming style and volume of documentation comments included int he
code be maintained (KLMC)
3. Software Complexity (NYF)
4. Percentage of reused code (NYF)
5. Number of installations, size of user population, level of applications in use
Function Point Method
Stage 1:
compute crude function points (CFP)
Stage 2:
compute the relative complexity adjustment factor (RCAF)
RCAF varies between 0 and 70
Stage 3:
compute number of function points (FP)
FP = CFP x (0.65 + 0.01 x RCAF)
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