Sept 19 Stat 1023

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Statistical Sciences
Statistical Sciences 1023A/B
Jennifer Waugh

Sept 19 – Stat 1023 Sampling - After data is collected, a sample is necessary - The process of selecting a sub-collection of individuals/units from a population for a study - Population: set of all things we are interested in i.e. students in Stat 1023/Stat 2037 - Sample: Collection of units that we actually measure. I.e. Those in second year - Sampling frame: set of all units from which we obtain our sample. Ideally, sampling frame = population i.e. conducting a study on Canadian population – sampling frame composed of those with phones We want a ‘representative’ sample: Ways to obtain this: 1. Simple random sample (SRS): each possible sample of a required size has an equal chance of being selected – randomly selecting units from the sample. All possible combinations are equally possible - Best and easiest method of obtaining a representative sample Other Sampling Strategies 2. Stratified random sampling: popula
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