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Statistical Sciences
Statistical Sciences 2037A/B
Emad Mohammad

Chapter 8 – Bell-Shaped Curves and Other Shapes The most common type of picture for a population is a smooth frequency curve. The vertical scale is labeled “height of the curve”. The area under the curve is equal to 1. Normal distribution is a measurement that follows a certain shape. It is also called a bell-shaped curve or a Gaussian curve. Not all frequency curves are bell-shaped. They are helpful for determining what proportion of the population falls into a certain range. To find the proportion from a stemplot you count the leaves in the range and divide by the total. In a histogram we would add the heights of the bars and divide by the total. Nature has many normal curves. Many academic tests have normal curves as well. This is not surprising because most people are somewhere near average and very few are at the extremes. Sometimes people grade on a bell curve. This makes more people normal and a few at the extremes. Percentile is the position in a pop
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