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Lecture 19

American Studies 2200E Lecture 19: American Studies Lecture 19

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Western University
American Studies
American Studies 2200E
Anna Zuschlag

American Studies Lecture 19 March 9, 2017 Punk The Punk Movement - A youth sub-culture - Emerges on the heels of the rise of conservatism - Pushes back against the values and traditions of the New Right - Latched onto the same socio-political influence that fuelled the New Left - A movement that pushed against the corporatization of culture during the Reagan era - Pushes back against the mundanity of suburbia - See and approaches conservative politics as a threat across multiple levels - An attempt to merge rebellion with New Left protest style - Connected to the DIY ethic of self-production - Major rejection of the corporatization of the music industry and mainstream media The New Left - Emerges in the early 1960’s - Described as an umbrella organization - The overarching structure for the Student Movement - The Student Movement established by young Americans in the wake of the Civil Rights Movement - The Civil Rights movement deeply inspired the New Left - Learn to use tactics of non-violent, civil disobedience - Established by University and College students - New Left fighting for social justice - The bubble that surrounds all of the other organizations and movements The Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) - Founded by Tom Hayden - Founding Documents: The Port Huron Statement - Publicized what the New Left stood for - Called for a new participatory democracy based on equality, nonviolence and community The Counter Culture - Separate from the New Left - A youth oriented cultural movement - Bohemian artistic expression, flower children - Use different forms of cultural experimentation Punk Progenitors - Punk filtered through a lens of an alternative form of Rock ‘n’ Roll - Emerges in New York City - Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground CBGB OMFUG - A long time centre for alternative lifestyles and cultural production - Opened in 1973 - The birthplace of Punk - Richard Hell and Patti Smith: - The vanguard of punk - Give voice to the various egalitarian sentiments (Similar to the New Left) - The New York Dolls: - On the fringes of Glam Rock - Punk with a touch of glitter The Ramones - 1975 CBGB Puts on a Music Showcase: - When Punk gets international media attention - British record companies in the audience - Record companies take a particular interest in The Ramones - Sparse and powerful musical style - The Ramones take the Punk movement outside of New York - Breaks out of the confines of being an artistic movement - Becomes much more expansive, social, and political British Punk - Arg
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