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Lecture 23

American Studies 2200E Lecture 23: American Studies Lecture 23

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Western University
American Studies
American Studies 2200E
Anna Zuschlag

American Studies Lecture 23 April 6, 2017 Celebrity Celebrity Gossip - Gossip: Revolves around the exaggeration of fabrication of a stories - Spreading of rumors or innuendo that have not be wholly confirmed - The act of gossiping has been historically gendered and sexualized - Gossiping and spreading rumors was historically a female domain - Gossip is produced and consumed by men and women (Also subject and victims) - Also connected to public shaming and infamy The Eaton Affair (Petticoat Affair) - John Eaton was a close friend of President Andrew Jackson - Fell in love with Margret O’Neil Timberlake - She is the daughter of a boarding house owner - Eaton and Jackson had both stayed at the boarding house in Washington D.C. - Eaton asked Jackson about marrying Margret O’Neil - Jackson told him to marry her so that the gossip would stop and Margets honor would be protected and restored - Jackson also subject to gossip (His wife was still married when she married him) - Jackson blamed the gossip from the Women in Washington for killing his wife - Wanted to appoint Eaton as his new Secretary of War, was urged not to because of the scandal about Margret - Jackson puts Eaton in his Cabinet anyway - Margret publically shunned by the other Cabinet minister’s wives - The Eaton affair put an end to John C. Calhoun’s position (No longer Jackson’s successor) Evelyn Nesbit - One of the first celebrities of the 20 Century - The lover of a very prominent architect (Stanford White) - Gets married to another man named Thaw - Thaw believes that Nesbit and White are still together - Goes crazy with jealous and shoots and kills Stanford White - She said her husband was crazy and he gets off - She becomes a celebrity (Infamous) Hedda Hopper - Hollywood Newspaper columnist (35 million readers) - Marries a Hollywood type, becomes very well connected - Wrote Hedda Hoppers Hollywood (Column for LA Times) - Her column is syndicated (Appears in many newspapers across the US) - From 1938-1966 she was the power house in Hollywood gossip - She could destroy a career with one sentence - To be on Hedda Hoppers bad side could be career suicide - Nicknamed the Gargoyle of Gossip - Her mansion was called The House that Fear Built - Highly paid (Around $200,000 a year) - Being mentioned in her column had to potential to be a career boo
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