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Visual Arts History 3387F/G Lecture Notes - 18 Stafford Terrace, East Aurora, New York, Sherlock Holmes Museum

Visual Arts History
Course Code
VAH 3387F/G
Cody Barteet

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The Victorian Period September 18th
Eclecticism, Arts and Crafts, Aestheticism
Design during the Victorian Period
o 221B Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes Museum (London, England) example
of a fictional interior from 1881-1904
invented a Victorian interior
brought fictional character to life
burgundy flocked wallpaper (velvet pattern)
velvet upholstery
rich oriental rug
dark red colours
mustard colour and dark red is a Victorian colour combination
mantle with many objects and a clock
overstuffed chairs
chlostrophobic (Victorians liked to collect things)
narrative details included in room which represented Sherlock
each object is arranged specifically to tell a story
o Paxton, Crystal Palace, 1851
erected in Hyde Park
would house exhibition
palace was expected to be removed after end of exhibition and not
ruin any trees in the park while being built
supports were made out of iron
modular building
glass panels were added
greenhouse feel
industrial structure
o exhibition-goers, 1851
had ‘cheap’ days where lower class could go
wealthy and poor didn’t mix well in public
democratization in interest of design
both classes could enjoy the same thing
people becoming consumers

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o Pugin’s Medieval Court, 1851
high gothic spires
elongated sculptures
church-like interior
o rise of interior design books
Hints on Household Taste, 1868/72 and Eastlake furniture c. 1860-
houses were responsibility of women, therefore they were in charge
of design
writers would direct manuals to women
machine-like decoration would be applied to furniture to create a
floral pattern
stylistic variety
o stylistic variety of household goods: different piano styles
o William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones, 1874
became interested in aesthetics
spent 9 months as an apprentace after graduating from oxford
married a servant, cut off from middle class family
o Philip Webb, The Red House, 1860
perky style
round rose windows
hooded windows
medieval like influences
tries to create an exterior that’s unpredictable
welcoming design
stairwell surrounded by oak and plaster
stairwell has a church pew look
added a brick overhang at the top
Morris wallpapers and stained glass
o Daisies
o Strawberry thief
o Rabbit
o Michaelmas daisy
o Wandle

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o William Morris and Co. Green Dining Room in the Victoria and Albert
Museum, 1866
influential example of design for young artists
classic Victorian walls (high)
floral wallpapers (filler)
very detailed
animal border around ceiling
o Oscar Wilde at the time of his American Tour
Lectured on a book by Clarence Cook, The House Beautiful (first
published in 1877 with many subsequent editions)
enjoyed interior design
Interior design book
o (page in book) blue and white tile around fire place
o oriental rug
o detailed objects on mantle
o convex mirror above fire place which creates an interesting
o Japanese fans brought into interior
o Christopher Dresser: Insect Vases, 1870 and Wedgewood Caneware
Vase, 1867
ornamental vases
using insect motifs
derived from Japanese insect design
uses bones of birds to create design
o C.F.A Voysey, Moorcrag
house in Northern England
steep pitched roofs
house looks out to nature
interior design includes natural and floral motfifs
o George Aitchison, Leighton House, 1869-1896
red brick
elaborate exterior
interior (studio) restored today
o burgundy walls
o domed wall on front wall
Arab hall, 1872 by Leighton
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