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Visual Arts History
Visual Arts History 1040
Cody Barteet

GOTHIC ART - Many things happening in conjunction w/ Romanesque - Things that are ‘gothic’ are being termed about the fact and not during - First modern universities - See start of secular nation, but crusades still happening - Term came about during the renaissance - ‘Goths’ said to have created ‘ugly’ art - Anti-classical - Abbey Church of Saint-Denis, France, 1140–1144 - Acted as tomb for many kings and monks of france - Abbott Suger - Old church was too small to hold pilgrims, had to fix it and shit - East end v imp, built upon a crypt, didn’t want to disturb - Thought to be first gothic building - Pointed arches w/ ribbed vaults; make the vaults appear higher and much lighter, very gothic - Removal of wall btwn chapels, allowed for windows to take their place - A lot of light that came in into these new abbeys was called ‘lux nova’ or ‘new light’, stained glass windows - Images on exterior reprs of kings and queens and other monarchies - Two bell towers, rose windows - This way, it articulated the entire space - Flying buttresses - Chartes Cathedral, Chartres, France, ca. 1145–1155 - Buttress: external reinforcement and support, in lieu of interior columns, leans against the wall - Flying buttress: extension that leads to external separate pier, leading to another buttress, comes out of the wall - Rose windows - Two towers not matching, sometimes one falls down, can’t rebuild it, etc - West facade can be desrc as early gothic - When Chartes burned down in 1194, only west facade was left, then rebuilt, after rebuilt it was seen as finest example of high gothic - Set up new formula for cathedral building - 3 part elevation - Slim and v tall vaulting to push idea of new proportion, feel the presence of god - Allow the building to be built taller and remove columns to allow for more open space internally - Royal Portal - Church dedicated to virgin mary - She’s now taking on a common role, cult of virgin mary - Role model for women - Spiritual lady of chivalry - Gentle contrast of gothic art and lst judgement scene of Romanesque - 7 female personifications of medieval arts and learning - 3 portals cnx to scenes of Christ - Zodiac signs, symbols btwn cosmic and earthly worlds - Figures more as 3d volumes, not reliefs - Naturalisms also appear in faces, more humanlike - Lead to development of idealised portraits - Rose Window - Glass v thick - Lux nova - Glasswork diff from earlier works, designed to cover the entire space - gift from some queen - fleur
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