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Visual Arts History
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Visual Arts History 1040
Christine Sprengler

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Mesoamerica thOctober 26 2011What is Mesoamerica y Much of Mexico and Central America Guatemala Honduras etc y Many culturesy Central highlandsCulture y Behaviour of patterns arts beliefs institutions and other products of human work and thought as expressed by a particular community or period y Culturally connected by o 260 day calendar and 365 day o Domesticated crops of maize New World often considered being behind Old World with y Domestication of crops and animals o Between 70006000 BCE first farming endeavours o 50002000 BCE cropsFormal writing and recording of history y Between 31502700 first hieroglyphs in Egypt and Cuneiform between Olmec Religion y Shamanistic origins y Mch based on myth and natural phenomena y Relied on a cosmic diagram o Axis mundi with cosmic levels and direction y Two realmsMythological themes myths of creation and godsZoomorphic humans and animal combinations or animal combinationsHuman Representations y Facial featuresAsian featuresJade green stone trade goodmade statues of it type of currency y Tied to kingshipColossal Head Basalt San Lorenzo y 1100 BCE y Basaltvolcanic stone hard to carve embrazing
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