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Western University
Visual Arts History
Visual Arts History 1040
Christine Sprengler

Northern Europe 14001500 thNovember 16 2011y Burgundy and Flanders y France y Holy Roman EmpireJan van Eyck Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride 1434SocioPolitical Context of the Renaissance y Experimentation with Medieval Perspective y The Great SchismCatholic Church split in twobattle of two Popes y Council of Constance y Avajong Papacy corruption French influence y Fight for the papacy grew from a church problem to a political crisis that divided Europe y Internal conflict as well as conflict with other nations y 100 Years War 13371453 France vs Englishfighting for the French throne y House of ValoiSt Dene Gene y Dynastic political conflict development of national artistic identity y Invention of new weaponswar tacticsdeconstructed feudalHorseback Calvary y National banditrywarreduced Frances population by halfstruggle to keep French culture alive y Tendency towards central government y Capitalismy Trade among nationspurchasing things on credit y Rise of industry y Increased royal church and private artistic commissions y Art ProductionImportant developments o Introduction of oil based pigmentsbegan to be the leading medium in art o Professionalism of Printmakingthe invention of moving textprecursor to mass productionBurgundy and Flanders y Artistic Centre y In Bruges y Highly developed wool and trade centre y Central financial focus in Europe y Dukes of Burgundymajor patrons of the arts o First dynasty to realize how art can be use for the dynastic and political purposes
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