The Northern Baroque

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Visual Arts History
Visual Arts History 1040
Christine Sprengler

Jan 18 12 The Northern BaroqueFlandersNetherlands were controlled by Spain but there was a later break and this creased the Dutch republic Dutch RepublicNetherlands and was protestant where as Flanders was Cathloic Southern provinces and sometimes known as the Spanish NetherlandsPeter Paul Rubens15771640 Paintings considered synonymous with Flemish Baroque art father was a protestant but after his fathers death and his mothers remarriage he became Catholic Visited almost all great Italian cities and immersed himself in their art Bought a grand house when he returned home and he built an Italian style mansion with an inner courtyardHad an enormous studio called his painting factory and he had dozens of assistants His style combines many but Michelangelo had huge influence on himThe Dutch Republic Shies away from religious themesStill LifesGenre Scenes Landscapes Group PortraitsFlandersElevation of the Cross By Peter Paul Rubens 1610 oil on wood approx 15 2 x 21 Religious commission but he did secular work too Central panel we see Jesus being raised on the crossOn the left we have mourners and on the right we have soldiers overseeing the actionThe space suggests continuity in the sky but it only goes so far because the figures are all in their own panels The use of light shadow and the sculptureesque figures are very similar to Michelangelos styleThere are instances of foreshortening and this was a way of showing skill in figure creatingTypical Baroque functions are seen in the extension of the figures into our space the drama and dynamism etcHenry IV Receiving the Portrait of Marie de Medici By Peter Paul Rubens 162125 Oil on Canvas approx 13 x 9 8Painted many paintings dedicated to showing her life She is seen many times in the company of Greek and Roman figures and gods Image represents her royal engagement and shows the king looking longingly at her picture which he falls in love with her through Cupid holding the portrait and there is a personification of France saying she is a good choice So into the picture that he drops his shield and forgets his duty Used as political propaganda Arrival of Marie de Medici at Marseilles By Peter Paul Rubens 16221625 Oil on canvas approx 13 x 9 7 Shows the lavish spectacle of his religious works used on a different subject France shown personified greeting her on her return to France and there are gods such a NeptunepresentBaroque tendencies i are there but they are changing have light and dark drama etc but the
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